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Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce Cheats "Legend locations" (PS3)

Game also available for:   PSP  |  XBOX 360


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Legend locations

The following Legends are located at the corresponding locations. Note: Cao Cao, Sun Quan, Liu Bei, Diao Chan, Lu Bu, Dong Zhuo, Yuan Shao and Zhang Jiao Legends can be unlocked by playing as any kingdom.
Cao Cao Chapter6, "Bewitching Land" 
Cao Pi Chapter 5, "Battle of He Fei", room #1 
Cao Ren Chapter5, "Battle of Shi Ting", room #3 
Dian Wei Chapter4, "Escape from Wan Castle" 
Sima Yi Chapter5, "Battle of Wu Zhang Plains", room #8 
Xiahou Dun Chapter4, "Guan Yu's Escape" 
Xiaohou Yuan Chapter5, "Battle of Mt. Ding Jun", room #5 
Xu Huang Chapter4, "Cao Cao's Siege" 
Xu Zhu Chapter4, "Battle of Chang Ban" 
Zhang He Chapter5, "Iron Armor" 
Zhang Liao Chapter5, "Run the Gauntlet" 
Zhen Ji Chapter4, "Battle of Guan Du" 

Gan Ning Chapter5, "Battle of He Fei", room #5 
Huang Gai Chapter4, "Assault on Liu Biao", room #5 
Ling Tong Chapter4, "Battle of Xia Kou", room #2 
Lu Meng Chapter5, "Battle of Fan Castle", room #5 
Lu Xun Chapter5, "Battle of Yi Ling", room #4 
Sun Ce Chapter5, "Two Paths", room #6 
Sun Jian Chapter4, "Golden Seal", room #6 
Sun Quan Chapter6, "Zenith Tower", room #10 
Sun Shang Xiang Chapter4, "Merging Forces", room #4 
Taishi Ci Chapter4, "Assault on Wu Territory", room #6 
Xiao Qiao Chapter4, "Unification of Jiang Dong", room #4 
Zhou Tai Chapter5, "Battle of Shi Ting", room #5 
Zhou Yu Chapter5, "Strategist Gathering", room #4 

Guan Ping Chapter5, "Blood of a Warrior" 
Guan Yu Chapter4, "Assault on Cheng Du" 
Huang Zhong Chapter5, "Battle of Mt. Ding Jun" 
Liu Bei Chapter6, "Manipulation" 
Ma Chao Chapter5, "Ma Su Rescue" 
Pang Tong Chapter4, "Battle of Bo Wan Po" 
Wei Yan Chapter5, "Battle of Yi Ling" 
Yue Ying Chapter5, "Battle of Wu Zhang Plains" 
Zhang Fei Chapter4, "Battle of Chang Ban" 
Zhao Yun Chapter4, "A Dou Rescue" 
Zhuge Liang Chapter4, "Three Visits" 

Diao Chan Chapter2, "Battle of Hu Lao Gate" 
Dong Zhuo Chapter3, "Battle of Xia Pi", second to last map, turn left when you enter 
Lu Bu Chapter6, "Black Storm" 
Yuan Shao Chapter3, "Rations Defense", middle map, upper right corner 
Zhang Jiao Chapter2, "Turbans Remnants", upper left map, upper left corner

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