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Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, The Cheats "Champion strategy in Arena quest" (PS3)

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Champion strategy in Arena quest

Note: This trick only works if you were born under shadow or have ancestor guardian and 100% Chameleon. When doing the final fight against yellow team champion and two others in the Imperial City arena, a fast way to defeat or lower your opponent's health is to get a couple arrows and the requirements above. At the start, fire a couple arrows at the enemy. When they close in, start to back away and immediately press CIRCLE, get your Ancestor Guardian, and quickly summon it. Then, change your spell to Chameleon or Moonshadow and cast it, making yourself invisible. Leave Porkchop and your Ancestor Guardian to do the work. If you only have Chameleon, it should only last for 30 seconds unless you have two of them. If not, prepare to attack. While doing this, do not heal minor wounds, attack, or cast any spells because you will be revealed. This can also help increase the Sneak skill, as you can sneak around while being undetected and invisible.

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