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Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, The Cheats "Easy Armorer experience" (PS3)

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Easy Armorer experience

  • There is a woman named Arvena Thelas in the town of Anvil who has four rats in her basement (the same as the first Fighter's Guild quest). If your level is high enough that rats don't hurt you too bad, you can break into her house, annoy the rats by punching them (or casting drain fatigue spells if your punch is too strong), and letting all four rats attack you while you just cast an occasional heal spell. This is also useful for raising your Block skill and is much easier than repeatedly causing summoned monsters to attack you.
  • Gain access to the Arcane University, then go to where you make spells and make a spell that damages armor. Put it on "self." Use the "Duplicate items" glitch on repair hammers then just cast and repair to get the skill up.
  • Complete the final Umbacano mission using the option of giving him the fake crown. After the mission is complete, take the crown off his corpse. The crown is broken and does not have a health percentage. Purchase several hammers and keep repairing it. Since it has no health, you can repair it an infinite amount of times, raising your Armorer skill quickly.

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