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Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, The Cheats "Infinite arrows hint" (PS3)

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Infinite arrows hint

  • For an infinite source of iron arrows, go to the Bloodworks in the arena. One of the gladiators is practicing with his bow on a target. Stand close by and, when there are five to ten arrows in the target, take them before he does. He will just keep shooting when you move out of the way. This is an infinite source of iron arrows, which can be sold to almost any merchant and therefore also makes an unlimited source of gold.

  • Go to Cheydinhal and break into Bazur gro-Gharz's house. When you kill him, search his body to obtain an unlimited source of steel arrows.

  • Find an enemy archer that fires the type of arrows you want, then get up against a wall and let him keep firing at you while you jump up in the air evading the arrows. When the arrows hit the wall and fall to the ground, collect the arrows from the ground before they disappear. You can keep doing this until your opponent's bow breaks and he or she attacks. However, before that happens, you should be able to get 250 to 300 arrows. Note: If you get too close to the archer, he or she will attack you with a melee weapon. You should either run around until he or she pulls out a bow or kill him or her and move on.

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