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Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, The Cheats "Keeping the Staff of Everscamp and enchanting it into a weapon" (PS3)

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Keeping the Staff of Everscamp and enchanting it into a weapon

Go to Leyawin and ask a someone about rumors to hear something about dealing with Rosentia Gallenus. Go to her house. When you entree you should see some Scamps. Do not kill them as they will respawn immediately. Speak with her and she will explain the Scamps. Follow the quest until you get at the shrine and must drop the Staff of Everscamp. Kill one of the Everscamps in the shrine room, go to loot his body, and place the staff on his body. A message will appear informing you to return to Rosentia Gallenus and tell her what happened. Loot the body of the Scamp and take back the Staff of Everscamp. If you just drop it near the shrine the game will not allow you to pick it back up. The Scamps should not follow if you fast travel. When you return to Rosentia Gallenus, she will give you the Ring of Eidolon's Edge, with leveled Block and Blade enchantments. To turn your blank staff into a weapon, you must either access to the Arcane University or own Frostcraig Spire. Just enchant it like any other weapon. If you need a Grand Soul Gem or better enchantments there is one inside the Arch-Mage's Lobby in a five tumbler display case.

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