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Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, The Cheats "Knocking man off roof" (PS3)

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Knocking man off roof

Go to Anvil light house to find a man named Ulfgar Fog-Eye waiting at the top. If he is not there, wait a couple hours. You can knock him unconscious off the roof over the Iron Gate surrounding the area. He will only fight you the first time you attack him and knock him unconscious. After that, he willingly lets you hit him unconscious. On the first fight he will run away when he is near unconsciousness. However, after you finish him off, he will not try to escape again. He is pretty easy to defeat in the first fight and is good training because he does not fight back after he is first knocked unconscious. This may require a couple attempts, but try to get him close to the gate just before the finishing blow where he is knocked a few feet back. He will not call the guards unless during the first fight, when he attempts to retreat, you allow him go outside the lighthouse.

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