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Sithis shrine and its benefits in Deepscorn

Purchase the Deepscorn Hollow. The Ichor of Sithis will activate the shrine in Deepscorn, which gives you blessings depending upon your infamy level. If your infamy is 0, the shrine will tell you to "Recant your honorable nature" and not give you a blessing. If it is 1 to 20, you get Call Of Sithis curing disease, fortifying health, and restoring attributes. If it is over 20 and under 50, you get Increased Fortify Health and added Agility and Sneak boost to everything else. If it is 50 to 90, it increases the Fortify Health, Agility, and Sneak boost. At over 90 it increases them yet again with a powerful Chameleon enchantment along with everything else.