Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, The PS3 Cheats

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Umbra strategy

Go to Rindir's Staffs and purchase the staff called "Apotheosis". Do not use it. Instead, go to Old Bridge and make sure you have a bow and arrow. Go to the ruin that starts with a "V", then kill the minor creatures (mostly rats) and you will reach a campfire. The person in the room is Umbra. Do not attack yet. First, look at the broken pillar and get on top of it by jumping from the nearby table. Once on top, fire an arrow at her head. She will attack. Do not fall off or she will kill you. Fire two more arrows in her head. Note: She runs around very fast, so you must aim carefully. Then, take out Apotheosis and blast her a couple times to defeat her. You will get ebony armor and a great sword. It will help you if you are a vampire and are at least level 8.