Eye of Judgement, The PS3 Cheats

Rating 7

Goal mode

To unlock Goal mode, complete all decks playing against the CPU under "Normal Difficulty" setting and using "Official Layout". Goal mode will become unlocked after the Arbiter Deck is complete. Unlock new cards in Goal mode by performing the following tasks under "Normal Difficulty" and using "Official Layout":

Arbiter Win by having five creatures of the same element on board.
Biolith Scourge Win with five biolith squares occupied.
Earth Emperor Win without opponent controlling a single field.
Fire Crusader Win without using spell cards.
Water Barrage Win without destroying any enemy creatures.
Wood Swarm Win within ten rounds.

Rating 0


Trophy How To Unlock
Alchemist's Lab Worker
For being recommended to the wood research facility. (victory vs. set 3 theme deck, wood mayhem)
Biolith Castle Archive Curator
For reaching complete and true understanding of the Bioliths. (victory vs. set 2 theme deck, biolith godmaker)
Biolith Castle Gatekeeper
For proving oneself to the Bioliths. (victory vs. set 1 theme deck, biolith scourge)
Biolith Godmaker
For those who might become a Biolith godmaker. (victory vs. Set 3 theme deck, biolith revenge)
Black Goat Prison Guard
For capturing the unscrupulous followers of the flame. (victory vs. set 2 theme deck, fire king's rage)
Blade Guild at Visvar Vaas
For being admitted into the circle of earthen knights. (victory vs. set 3 theme deck, earth desolation)
For braving the gateway to battle. (victory vs. starter deck)
Green Bandits
For being admitted into the band of wood thieves. (victory vs. Set 2 theme deck, wood unleashed)
Mourning Ascetic
For training in the rites of the flame. (victory vs. set 1 theme deck, fire crusader)
Okunadan Monk
For suppressing the aquatic mutiny. (victory vs. set 1 theme deck, water barrage)
Swordsman of East Reach
For gaining the recognition of your earthen comrades. (victory vs. set 1 theme deck, earth emperor)
Theraclave Gatekeeper
For being admitted into the army of flame. (victory vs. set 3 theme deck, fire havoc)
Til Vorg Riders
For those who have joined the liberation army of wood. (victory vs. set 1 theme deck, wood swarm)
Tritonan Palace Guard
For being admitted into the army of water. (victory vs. set 3 theme deck, water of death)
Undead Battalion
For suppression of the earthen dead. (victory vs. set 2 theme deck, earth atonement)
Venoan Mercenary
For passing the initiation of the water clan. (victory vs. set 2 theme deck, water conquest)
Battle Master
For gaining ground on the great expanse. (complete set 1 challenge 5)
Black Goat Prison Warden
For suppressing the riots with an iron will. (complete set 2 challenge 1)
Chief of Dhees' Army of 1000
For pushing your foes back with a deific physical prowess. (complete set 3 challenge 1)
Condemned Biolith
For striking fear into the hearts of the heartless Bioliths. (complete set 3 challenge 5)
Forest Chief
For ambushing the enemy with relentless forces. (complete set 1 challenge 4)
Green King
For claiming all for one's own in the blink of an eye. (complete set 2 challenge 4)
Liberator of East Reach
For conquering every outpost of your enemy. (complete set 1 challenge 3)
Lord of the Forest
For victory achieved before war could be declared. (complete set 3 challenge 4)
Master Summoner
In recognition of your rank as a master summoner. (complete set 3 challenge 6)
Mourning Reverend Father
For fending the trespassers off with your bare hands. (complete set 1 challenge 1)
Ninja Patriarch
For inspiring steadfast unity in battle. (complete of set 1 challenge 6)
Okunadan Father
For the inspiration required to end a battle swiftly. (complete of Set 1 challenge 2)
Parmetic Inquisitor
For meting punishment to the Parmetic heretics. (victory vs. set 2 theme deck, parmetic wrath)
Parmetic Prior
For punishing heretics near and far. (complete of Set 2 challenge 6)
Sacred Darkness Academy Attendee
For gaining entrance to the academy. (victory vs. set 3 theme deck, eye of judgment)
Ten Tyrants
For utter annihilation of your blasphemous foes. (complete of set 3 challenge 3)
Tritonan Admiral
For achieving victory without needless spilling of blood. (complete of set 3 challenge 2)
Undead General
An award for complete and total dominance. (complete of set 2 challenge 3)
Unsinkable Biolith Armada
For abolishing the Prime Elements. (complete of set 2 challenge 5)
Venoan Don
For utilizing intelligence to confuse enemy forces. (complete of set 2 challenge 2)
Yaksha Ninja
For victory over the federation army. (victory vs. Set 1 theme deck, arbiter)
Divine Warrior of Juno
In recognition of those truly experienced in battle. (victory in countless duels)
Divine Summoner
Earn all Bronze, Silver, and Gold trophies.