Family Feud: 2010 Edition PS3 Cheats

Rating 1

Bonus items and wardrobes

Choose the "Padlock" tab at the "Wardrobe" screen, then enter "FAMILY" as a code.

Rating 0


Trophy How To Unlock
Rags to riches!
Win $20,000 in a show.
Sunday BBQ
Host 10 online games within 24 hours.
Family Fun!
Complete 2 shows in a row.
We are family!
Win an online game.
Goodbye, Mr. Anderson!
Win show 1.
Feudal lord!
Create a complete custom character.
The incident!
Steal a board worth over 150 points from the other family in an online game.
Hot potato!
In an online game, pass a survey to the other family that they fail to answer.
Family planning!
Create 4 characters and play an online game with each one.
Family Safe!
Win a round with no strike.
Benchmark Citizen!
Give all the top answers in the Fast Money round.
Family Business!
While playing online, steal boards worth over an accumulated total of 2000 points.
Online Vendetta!
Win 20 online games.
Reigning family!
Win all 12 shows.