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FIFA 08 Cheats "Easy money in Manager mode" (PS3)

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Easy money in Manager mode

  • When managing a new club that has less finances to afford major transfers, reduce all the contracts of the major stars in your previous club to one year. Then, fail to renew them. Move to the new club and go to the transfer window with your small amount of available cash, then go to the free agents. The players from your previous club will be listed as free agents. Transfer them to your new club and sell them at a high price to get enough funds to manage your new club.

  • Once the transfer period begins, check for free agents and offer them the highest salary. Once they come to your club, sell them. However, check their bio first because some players may be worth a fortune while some not even 200,000.

  • To earn more money in the first season, go to any team in Team Management mode and edit your favorite players to a young age while also reducing their abilities to less than 80. Set their growth type to elite, then edit the unwanted players to 99 in every area and make them a forward. At the beginning of the season you will get sponsors paying large amounts. You can sell those super forwards for between 90 million to 160 million. The players grow fast and you can have a contract of five years at a smaller amount. Keep the age of super forwards between 25 and 28 years old so that they retire soon.

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