FIFA 09 PS3 Cheats

Rating 5

Recommended players

Try adding the following players for your team:

Sergio Rodrigues
Ag├╝ero (Athletic Madrid)
bale (Tottenham)
Balotelli Barwuah (Inter)
Baxter (Everton)
Dos Santos (Tottenham)
Jovetic (Fiorentina)
Pato (Milan)

Rating 4

Easy money

  • To easily earn money, have the transfer window open to search for good free agent players with at least skill level 75 and below the age of 30. The more skills with younger age, the better. Sign them and offer them the highest wage you can. If your negotiator skills are low, the player you try to sign will reject your offer. Try re-signing him with a higher offer. For example, if the player wage is $35,000 the first time, the board will only allow you $45,000 for the player. The player will reject all offersbelow $70,000. When you re-sign him for the second time, the board will allow you more than $80,000. You can now sign him. When the player is yours, change his status to "For Sale". Big clubs will be interested in him and you can get a lot of money. If you manage a small club with a limited budget, do not keep this player. Otherwise, you will not have enough money for other players.

  • In Manager mode you will have a 90+ overall team. The Youth Academy in your office will have youth players of about 70 at the age of 15 or 16. You can either play with them throughout or sell them in your fourth of fifth season to earn millions of dollars.

Rating 4

Spinning the ball

While taking a corner or long passing from any of the corners, press [Long Pass] and hold a direction button. The ball will spin at that direction. Note: You can also do a bicycle kick by pressing the direction button to the outside of the penalty box.

Rating 3

Easy goals hint

Give the ball to C.Ronaldo and sprint from midfield towards your opponent's post, then press [Sprint], take three steps, and shoot the ball. The power of the ball will be almost full.

Rating 3

Faster recovery hint

If your player is injured and is out for a long time, you can speed up his recovery by using the player as a sub while he is injured. He will suffer another less serious injury, and should heal in about a week or less.

Rating 2

Cheaper players in Manager Mode

  • Have the transfer window open. For example, if playing as Manchester United, put Tevez on the transfer market and negotiate for someone like Eto'o, who is better. If you get him, something will appear if someone bid for Tevez. Let Tevez go because you got Eto'o. Instead of paying all that money for him, you are only losing a little bit.

  • Sign great players for higher wages and set their contract length to four years. When they are on your team, go to "Team Management", then "Player Contracts". Go to those good players and reduce their wage as much as desired. Sign them for five years and they will accept as long as the wages are not too low.

Rating 1

Fake free kick hints

  • While taking a free kick, call the second player by pressing . Then, hold + until the meter is full to have the first player roll over the ball and the second player shoot the ball.

  • While taking a free kick, choose a fake direction side (for example, right). While shooting side, select left and shoot. The camera should not move.

Rating 1


Trophy How To Unlock
1st time out
Win an online league match.
Best of the Best
Ultimate team
Bigger Venue
Ultimate team
Club god
Reach legendary status for your club.
Director in the making
Upload a video to EA sports football world.
Eat my chip
Score by chipping the keeper in a match.
FIFA Fair Play
Play 5 consecutive matches without getting any cards.
Fling yourself at it
Score with a diving header in a match.
Gimme five
Score five goals in the arena.
Gold Packs
Ultimate team
Good head on your shoulders
Score with a header in a match.
Save a penalty.
In off
Score off the woodwork in a match.
Beat your favourite team with their rival.
Last Gasp Goal
Score in the 89th minute.
Like on the training field
Score from a corner.
Manual labour
Win a match with fully manual settings.
On the spot
Score from a penalty in a match.
One goal a season
Score with a defender in a match.
Optimus Chung
Win a game with adidas live season enabled.
Pictures speak a thousand words
Upload 5 screenshots to EA sports football world.
Perform a cross for a friend who scores from it. (co-op).
Ranked Winner
Win a ranked online match.
Score from over 30 yards out in a match.
Silver Packs
Ultimate team
Sparkly clean
Keep a clean sheet.
The Collector
Ultimate team
The Gipson Curse
Go into an online match after choosing your own arena player.
The Kwong
Score a headed goal with the shortest created player.
The ol' switcheroo
Successfully perfom a pass that switches the play from one flank to the other.
The Poon Sang
Win with a team of 11 created players in an unranked online match.
The Venhola Ice
Win a FIFA 09 clubs match with your club.
Time you played a match?
Score twenty goals in the arena.
What a Beauty!
Score on the volley in a match.
Wing play
Score from a cross.
World Champion
Ultimate team
A Man Down
Win a game when down one man.
Bend it like a pro
Score from a free kick in a match.
Club Tournament Mastery
Ultimate team. Win all gold club tournaments.
Custom sixty four winner
Win a created tournament that starts with sixty four teams.
Enter a match with 20 people in a FIFA 09 clubs match.
Frequent flyer
Win in every stadium.
Giant Killer
Beat a five star team with a half star team.
Huge investment
Buy a player in manager mode for 50 million of your chosen currency.
Jonzo's lounge
Score 2500 points and win 5 badges in a single lounge mode match.
Living legend
Reach legendary status for your country.
On yer bike!
Score with a bicycle kick.
One star winners
Win a tournament that starts with sixteen teams, with a one star rated team..
Online Champion
Ultimate team
Online Tournament Mastery
Ultimate team. Win all gold online tournaments.
Real world winner
Win 5 interactive league matches.
Solid Gold
Ultimate Team. Obtain 11 gold players.
Spending spree
Buy 50 players in your career in manager mode.
The Peterson
Play for over fifty hours.
Huge return
Sell a player in manager mode for 50 million of your chosen currency.
The purist
Complete a manager mode season without simming any games.
Football Legend
Earn all Bronze, Silver, and Gold trophies.

Rating 1

Recommended teams

Defense Mertsacker
Defense Sergio Ramos
Defense Terry
Forward Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo
Forward Roney
Goalkeeper Petr Cech
Midfielder Anderson
Midfielder Cristiano Ronaldo or Messi
Midfielder Mikel or Essien
Midfielder.Jesus Navas Midfielder Dos Santos

CAM Deco or Lampard
CF Adebayor
CM Andres Iniesta or Anderson
GK Julio Cesar or James
LCB Carragher
LWB Evra
LWM F.Ribery or Nani
RCB Lucio
RWB Dani Alves
RWM B.Schneider
ST Karim Benzema

CB Mertesacker
CB Terry
CM Essien
CM Fabregas
GK Cech
LB Bale
LM Messi
LS Pato
RB Sergio Ramos
RM Cristiano Ronaldo
RS Aguero

CF Rooney
CM Steven Gerrard
GK Cassilas or Buffon
LB Puyol
LCB Nesta
LCM Christiano Ronaldo
LF Torres
RB Sergio Ramos
RCB John Terry
RCM Kaka or Messi
RF Kaka or Messi

CAM Anderson (rated 98)
CB (substitute) Terry (rated 90)
CB (substitute) Thiago Heleno (rated 91)
CM Fabregas (rated 96)
CM (substitute) Obi Mikel (rated 92)
GK Sergio Asenjio (rated 91)
GK (substitute) Fiorille or Neuer (rated 88)
LB Drenthe (rated 92)
LCB Breno (rated 92)
LM Messi (rated 98)
LS Geovani Dos Santos (rated 97)
RB Gareth Bale (rated 90)
RCB Mertersacker (rated 92)
RM Jesus Navas (rated 96)
RM (substitute) Ronaldo (rated 96)
RS Alexandre Pato (rated 96)
ST (substitute) Carlos Vela (rated 95)
ST (substitute) Jose Baxter (rated 96)

CB Chiellini
CB Mertsacker
CM Fabregas
CM Gerrard
GK Neuer
LB Clichy
LF Baxter
LWM Messi
RB Sergio Ramos
RF Rooney
RWM Cristiano Ronaldo

GK P. Cech
LB Sergio Ramos
LCAM L. Messi
LCB R. Ferdinand
LCM E. Cambiasso
LS David Villa
RB J. Zenetti
RCAM C. Ronaldo
RCB Puyol
RCM S. Gerrard
RS W. Rooney

CAM Steven Gerrard
CB Carlos Puyol R
CB Nemanja Vidic S
CM Cesc Fabregas 11
CM (substitute) Xavi
GK Petr Cech F
GK (substitute) Iker Casillas
LF Ronaldinho
LF (substitute) Ibrahimovic
LM David Silva
LM (substitute) Ribery
LWB Patric Evra T
RB Sergio Ramos I
RB (substitute) Maicon
RWM Cristiano Ronaldo
ST Fernando Torres

Rating 0

Close free kicks tip

Hold down L1 and R1 and aim. If you are in the middle aim to the players stronger foot. Kick the ball at about 1/4 power and it will go in most of the time.

Rating 0

Dodging free kicks

While the other team takes a direct free kick, hold [Shoot] + [Sprint] to make your players jump and dodge the free kick.

Rating 0

Good team in Career mode

Create a club in Manager mode with the maximum budget a nd create fifteen or sixteen players with maximum attributes. Set their birthday to 1990 so they are very young. Build only as many players to have only the minimum for your squad to be ready for your created team. This will be an invincible team in Career mode. If you do not have many players, you will not have to pay tons of money to them. Try giving them as low of an amount of money as you can to accept.

Rating 0

Clean sheets

For clean sheets in season, tournament, Be A Pro Season, manager modes (everything outside exhibitions), it will be the final keeper present at the end of a shutout (clean sheet) game that receives the credit. For example, if you start with Edwin Van der Sar in the first half, Thomasz Kusczak at the start of second half, but finish with Wayne Rooney in goal because Kusczak was red-carded, and the final score was 2-0, Rooney will be credited with the clean sheet, and not Edwin Vander Sar. Kusczak is ineligible because he was red-carded. The clean sheet is void if any goals are scored against them. If any keeper conceded a goal, any substitute keepers in goal will not benefit even if they didn't concede any further goals.