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Final Fantasy XIII / Final Fantasy XIII-2 Dual Pack Cheats "Final Fantasy XIII-2: Unlockable Fragment Skills" (PS3)


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Final Fantasy XIII-2: Unlockable Fragment Skills

Unlock the following fragment skills by performing the corresponding tasks:
Anti-grav Jump Defies gravity and lets you jump further (Hold O/B button)
Bargain Hunter You can buy items from shops for 25% less gil (Affects Serendipity coin prices as well)
Battlemania Increases the odds to encounter rare enemies on the field
Chocobo Music Lets you choose between a variety of Chocobo songs while riding the Chocobo
Clock Master Lets you manipulate the overall game speed between High Speed and Low Speed
Encounter Master Changes the enemy encounter rate to frequent or less frequent
Eyes of the Goddess During Event Scenes you have control over the camera (Use R3 to control camera)
Field Killer Defeats enemies instantly on the field
Haggler You can sell items to shops for 10% more gil
Mobile Mog Lets Mog return to your side faster after throwing him
Mog's Manifestation Improved Moogle Throw which enables you to find always treasure where no treasure can be seen
Monster Collector Increases the odds to obtain a Monster Crystal from battles
Paradox Scope Invoke a paradox to explore new potential histories to challenge history's new possibilties (Required to obtain some fragments and the Secret Ending)
Rolling in CP Earn more CP from battles.

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