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Flower Cheats "Hidden green flowers" (PS3)

Game also available for:   PS4  |  VITA


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Hidden green flowers

Find the hidden green flowers in the following locations:

Yellow Flower stage
  • Bloom every white flower in the first area.
  • Bloom every white flower in the second area.
  • Search behind a rock on the rear of the tree at the end.

Red Flower stage
  • Bloom every flower before going through the stone wall and it will appear.
  • Follow the right side of the yellow flower path, starting from the center rock formation and heading around. The flower set on the right will appear. Do not go to them. Instead, move further to the left and you will see three yellow flowers. Follow the path. Touching them will take you to the top of the canyon and unlock them.
  • Enter the final area with the three formations surrounding the larger center one. Do not follow the blue flowers. Instead, go left around the edge of the canyon. Go past the blue flowers and look towards the mountain, then follow the "path" going up the mountain.

Pink Flower stage

  • Bloom every flower in the starting area.
  • Keep to the left in the canyon and enter the cave. Keep to the left to find it.
  • After the canyon ends and before entering the field, turn around to find it.

Blue Flower stage
  • Look behind the two hay bales in the distance.
  • When charged, circle around the wagon.
  • When charged, move north from the wheel barrow and you will see a pond slightly to your right. Fly over and light that pond. It will appear next to the pond.

Purple Flower stage

  • Turn around when the stage starts and go over the hill to find it.
  • At the field with the towers, look two of them near the back that are leaning over slightly. Bloom the white flowers under them to topple the towers. After both have fallen over it will appear.
  • Turn around at the end of the maze when you see the pink speed flowers. Travel back in the opposite direction to find it at the end of this path.

White Flower stage
  • Locate the two tallest buildings in the first main city area, then fly through the door of the one that is facing your right when entering that area. Go up to find it on a rafter.
  • Talk the ramp on the far right when the highway splits into three ramps to enter a garage with the flower.
  • Just after leaving the highway you will be in an alley with pylons. Look behind the farther air conditioning unit as the area opens up.

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