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Flower Cheats "Trophy hints" (PS3)

Game also available for:   PS4  |  VITA


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Trophy hints

Unlock the following trophies by performing the corresponding tasks:
"Beginning Find three secret flowers on any level.
"Dream Collect every secret flower on each level.
"Healthy Play Complete a stage and stay in the room for ten minutes before continuing.
"Illumination Locate the dark pool in the Blue Flower stage. Fly into the water when your petal is glowing to light it up.
"Memories Let the game idle until the screensaver appears, then leave it running for three minutes.
"Palette Reach the end of the second area in the Red Flower stage. Bloom the flowers in the open field with rock formations. The formations will open up unlock an air current. Fly into the current and it will change the color of your petal. You can then paint the grass.
"Pure Reach the end of the Purple Flower stage without getting touched by the electricity. Try to collect some flowers t move slower.
"Stars Bloom every flower in the credits level to release the names.
"Urban Fly over to turn all the areas grassy again in level 6. You have to restore the buildings by removing the steel structures.
"Welcome Back Just set the system date ahead by one week.
"Wind Activate the windmills in the Pink Flower stage and float into them. 
"flOw While in the wind canyon in the Pink flower stage, stay to your left to find a series of caves. Stay to the right to go through a cave with markings resemble the creature from flOw.

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