Frontlines: Fuel of War PS3 Cheats

Rating 1

Weapon guide

Assault rifle Large ammo clips, good rate of fire, optional grenade launcher attachment. Use on light armored vehicles and infantry.
Light machine gun Large ammo clips, high power, highest rate of fire. Deadly to infantry and most vehicles. Use with troopers on the frontline.
Sniper rifle Small ammo clips, low rate of fire, highest accuracy. Use for one-shot kills.
Rocket launcher Low rate of fire, high power, lock on feature. Use on vehicles.
Shotgun Medium ammo clips, high power. Use in small areas.
Silenced SMG High rate of fire, high power, C4 attachment, extremely quiet. Use for stealth missions.

Rating 1

Unlock secret levels

Unlock the following levels by entering the corresponding codes:

Secret Urban level sp-street
Secret Village level sp-village