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Ghostbusters: The Video Game Cheats "Most Wanted Ghost Locations" (PS3)

Game also available for:   PSP  |  XBOX 360  |  PC  |  Wii  |  NDS


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Most Wanted Ghost Locations

The Book Of Pain Complete a job in any library level.
Captain Of The Guard Capture the book of pain, and kill 20 paper enemies.
Olga The Terrible Capture the captain of the guard, and complete five jobs in the library.
Dredge Capture olga the terrible, and complete 10 library thief jobs.

Smelly Ned Complete five containments in the times square maps.
Dolnasky Capture smelly ned, and collect 50 power-ups.
Grimgreave Capture dolnasky, and kill 20 gargoyles and/or cherubs using slams.
Binky Capture grimgreave, and complete 10 survivals on the times square maps.

Grundel Complete five museum protections.
Sharpshooter Bailey Capture grundel and 15 civil war ghosts.
The Maestro Capture sharpshooter bailey and complete 10 museum survival jobs.
Grand Pappy Sargassi Capture the maestro and complete 15 jobs on the museum levels.

Mad Mad Minimo Earn $50,000 in any cemetery job in a single match.
The Darkest Capture Mad Mad Minimo and kill 15 Black Slime monsters.
The Clawed Menace Capture the darkest and kill 50 cemetery crawlers.
The Uprising Capture the clawed menace, and complete 10 survival jobs in the cemetery.

Rotten Slimer Capture 10 slimers.
Wee Slimer Capture rotten slimer, and win at least three slime dunks.
Polar Slimer Capture wee slimer, and achieve 20 slime dunks on each of the slime dunk maps.
Glutton Slimer Capture polar slimer, and complete 60 jobs.

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