God of War: Ascension PS3 Cheats

Rating 9


After completing Campaign mode, activate the following cheats by collecting the corresponding artifacts at the indicated locations:

Prisoner's Oath Stone: Chapter 2 "The Sewers" Unlimited rage
Circe's Vial: Chapter 5 "Village of Kirra" Combo time tripled
Oracle Seeker's Offering: Chapter 9 "Ice Caverns" x10 Red Orb collection multiplier
Aletheia's Charm: Chapter 11 "Delphi Catacombs" One third damage taken
Boat Captain's Idol: Chapter 15 "The Grotto" Unlimited magic
Orko's Cloak: Chapter 16 "Prison of the Damned" Health regeneration
Stonemason's Chisel: Chapter 21 "The Forearm of Apollo" Cool-down reduction
Archimedes' Treatise: Chapter 23 "The Furnace" Instant completion of QTE sequences
Statue Worker's Idol: Chapter 25 "The Furnace" Stun time increased
Antikythera Mechanism: Chapter 28 "Trial of Archimedes" Constant health drainĀ