God of War: Ascension PS3 Cheats

Rating 9


After completing Campaign mode, activate the following cheats by collecting the corresponding artifacts at the indicated locations:

Prisoner's Oath Stone: Chapter 2 "The Sewers" Unlimited rage
Circe's Vial: Chapter 5 "Village of Kirra" Combo time tripled
Oracle Seeker's Offering: Chapter 9 "Ice Caverns" x10 Red Orb collection multiplier
Aletheia's Charm: Chapter 11 "Delphi Catacombs" One third damage taken
Boat Captain's Idol: Chapter 15 "The Grotto" Unlimited magic
Orko's Cloak: Chapter 16 "Prison of the Damned" Health regeneration
Stonemason's Chisel: Chapter 21 "The Forearm of Apollo" Cool-down reduction
Archimedes' Treatise: Chapter 23 "The Furnace" Instant completion of QTE sequences
Statue Worker's Idol: Chapter 25 "The Furnace" Stun time increased
Antikythera Mechanism: Chapter 28 "Trial of Archimedes" Constant health drainĀ 

Rating 8

"Can't Stop, Won't Stop. Badboy!" trophy hints

  • Note: A fully upgraded Magic Meter and upgraded Zeus' Lightning Blades are required, and this can be done under the Easy difficulty setting. Continue through Chapter 25 "The Furnace" until you find the area where you are stuck between two large bowls dumping flames. Enemies will start to spawn here. Start with the Fires of Ares attack, execute combo, then switch to Zeus' Lightning Blades. Press L1 + R1 until the magic attack ends, then go back to Fires of Ares and execute L1 + Square attacks until you can switch back to Zeus' Lightning Blades again and use the magic attack. Repeat the process to reach a 1000 combo.

  • When starting Chapter 19 "The Foot Of Apollo", get to the rock Kratos must push. Instead of pushing it, attack that location with the Blades of Zeus and execute the L1 + SQUARE special attack to slowly build your combo to 1,000. Note: This will require a bit of time.

  • When beginning the game and Kratos fights a single Satyr, use the kick attack against it. Try pushing the Satyr into the corner. Keep it on its back with repeated kicks. Each kick slowly builds your combo, and will take quite some time to reach 1,000.

Rating 5

New Game+ Costumes

Unlock the following costumes for NG+ by completing the game: Battle Armor of AresBattle Armor of ZeusFury ArmorKraken ArmorOlive Skin KratosSkorpian ArmorWar Armor of Hades

Rating 4

Titan mode

Complete Easy, Normal or Hard mode to unlock Titan mode.

Rating 1

Hidden message

Proceed through Chapter 6 "The Cistern" until you find a side room with a large painting featuring Olympus. Press R1 to interact with it to see the following cryptic message: Of all the prophecies I have seen, this one haunts my dreams.QUJIKPHIUEEEKMJQUJThe full truth of this nightmare yet remains hidden. – Aletheia When deciphered, the letters "QUJIKPHIUEEEKMJQUJ" translate to "SUN BIRD BULL LION SUN".

Rating 1


Trophy How To Unlock
Big Spender
Upgrade any Magic to the next level.
Ring out an enemy with the Club.
Tools of the Trade
Use All 5 World Weapons in Combat.
Reconstruct the Water Wheel of Kirra.
That's Gonna Leave a Mark
Spill 500 buckets of blood on Kratos.
You Bastards!
Treat the Martyr of Hecatonchires poorly.
Tell Me How You Really Feel
Kill 25 Enemies using the Rage of the Gods.
Blood Oath
Complete the MP Training in Olympus.
Prison Break
Free Kratos from his imprisonment.
Gotta Hand It To You
Defeat the infected Hand of Aegaeon.
Throw, Slam and Ram a grappled enemy.
Round and Round
Solve the Rolling Crusher Puzzle.
Open Minded
Win the Buttonless MiniGame against a Juggernaut.
Can't Stop, Won't Stop. BadBoy!
Perform a 1000 Hit Combo.
Snakes on a Train
Ride the snake back to the Tower of Delphi.
Hot Lunch
Win the Buttonless MiniGame against a Manticore.
Gateway Gas
Breathe the toxic gases within the Oracle's Temple.
Hold Still Please
Slow 100 Enemies with the Amulet of Uroborus.
Hello, Friend
Use the Oath Stone of Orkos in Combat 10 Times.
Tag Teamed
Hit 100 Enemies with the Oath Stone of Orkos.
Complete the Screw of Archimedes without getting hit by the Fire Traps.
Light as a Feather
Collect all of the Phoenix Feathers.
The Eyes have It
Collect all of the Gorgon Eyes.
Fully Loaded
Completely Upgrade Kratos.
Lubed up
Complete the slide in the Statue of Apollo without dying.
Biting the Hand that Feeds You
Defeat Megaera and the Titan Hecatonchires.
Maybe you should call a Doctor?
Keep the Rage Meter Filled for 2+ Minutes.
Defeat Pollux.
Bros before Foes
Escape the Fury Ambush.
Blind Justice
Use the Eyes of Truth successfully.
No Drake. You can't have these.
Collect all Artifacts in the game.
If it ain't broke...
Reconstruct all of the Decayed Chests.
Next time use the stairs
Complete the Gauntlet of Archimedes.
Bond Broken
Complete the Game.
Legendary Warrior
Complete the game on Hard Difficulty.
Champion of the Gods
Earn all Bronze, Silver, and Gold trophies.