God of War III PS3 Cheats

Rating 2

Godly Possession locations

Collect the following Godly Possessions to unlock the corresponding effect after the game has been completed. The Godly Possessions must be equipped in the "Items" menu for their effect to become active:

Zeus' Eagle Unlimited Rage of Sparta. 
Hades' Helm Maximum Health, Magic, and Item meters. 
Helios' Shield Triple the Hits counter. 
Hermes' Coin Collect ten times the amount of Red Orbs. 
Hercules' Shoulder Guard Decrease damage taken by 33%. 
Poseidon's Conch Shell Unlimited Magic. 
Aphrodite's Garter Continue to use Athena's Blades. 
Hephaestus' Ring Automatically win all context sensitive attacks. 
Daedalus' Schematics Unlimited Item meter. 
Hera's Chalice Health meter slowly drains over time, but never completely emptying it.