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God of War Saga Cheats "God of War II: Amulet of the Fates/Outer Garden battle hint" (PS3)


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God of War II: Amulet of the Fates/Outer Garden battle hint

Do the following to avoid damage while dealing it in the Outer Gardens battle. When you reach the scene with the Fate Statue and behead it, wraiths and bats will attack you in the Outer Gardens. Skip all of them without attacking, evade damage, and with a powerful combo (or Rage enabled) smash them and the statue head blocking the exit. The head will disappear, leaving your path free and with no enemies to follow Kratos. If you were damaged while escaping, heal with the chest on the other side. If you don't want to keep fighting the enemies, leave them behind. If you still want blood and gore, return to the "bridge" side of the door. Cross into the actual Gardens room and you're free game, so be aware. Make powerful short-range attacks and most of the enemies won't get any hits through to you. Note: A wraith might try it's underground attack from the other side of the door, but you can still dodge it and it will return to the other side of the doorway while you remain safe.

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