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Godfather II, The Cheats "Manganos strategy" (PS3)


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Manganos strategy

To easily defeat the Manganos, bomb one of their casinos in Florida and take over another of their casinos that you did not bomb. Take over one of the gun running warehouses and bomb the other. The bombed casino business will be reopened by now. Take it over before more guards are hired and wait until the bombed warehouse is open. Take over that warehouse and go to Cuba. Take over the remaining two Mangano businesses. Return to Florida. Go to the Mangano compound and bring one Bruiser, along with two people that have more than one specialty, and a Safecracker. Make sure they both know Medic so you do not have to worry about anyone getting hurt. Note: Do not let them go to New York. If they get one of your businesses there, they will start spreading rapidly. Also, if one of your businesses are attacked by the Manganos while you are going to take over a Mangano business, send in your men and simply wait outside of the business you are going to take over.

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