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Gran Turismo 5 Cheats "Toyota Minolta 88-CV" (PS3)


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Toyota Minolta 88-CV

To win an extremely fast Toyota Minolta 88-cv, do the following. At level 21, you will unlock a race called "Like the Wind" in the expert hall. Obtain gold medals in both of these races to earn you a Toyota Minolta 88-CV. Follow these steps to take improve your car's performance in order to earn the gold medals:

1. Purchase a Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 '09. You will need around $500,000 to upgrade this vehicle.

2. Go to GT Auto, and purchase the Racing Modification for the car.

3. At the tuning shop, purchase every high end modification available, including the supercharger. Get as much HP as possible.

Follow these steps at the race:

1. Fine-tune the setup by going to the car settings (the wrench icon) and tune your transmission to a top speed of 242. Set the car's downforce (Body and Aero) to the highest possible number on the front and back.

2. The second race on Indy is the toughest, so complete it first. You will need to slipstream to keep up with the other racers. At the corners, cut inside to overtake your opponents. You will have to block the fast LM cars from taking your spot when you get ahead of them. Look backwards while driving in third person to keep an eye on them.

3. After winning the second race on Indy, complete the other one. This race is easier. Just don't slam cars too hard, for your downforce is high and easy to upset.

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