Grand Theft Auto IV PS3 Cheats

Rating 6

Cars in Deathmatch mode hints

  • In a match that allows auto-aiming, cars are just deathtraps since all someone needs to do is hold and fire three bullets to kill you. Only use a car to get to the battle zone, not to plow through it--someone will notice and make fast work of you before you hit someone. They are horrible for cover as well since windows can be shot through. Also, a skilled player can still hit you by clipping your arm or leg because they always slightly show while in cover.
  • In a match that doesn't allow auto-aim, cars are very useful as it is far more difficult to hit the small part of your body that remains when you are using a car for cover. You can also drive through the battle zone with ease
  • When your car catches fire, avoid jumping out if you are being shot at. Keep driving as you have a good ten seconds before you must get out. That can allow you to drive to safety while bailing out (while driving) afterward, without sealing your own fate because you are a sitting duck when you exit any vehicle.