Grand Theft Auto IV PS3 Cheats

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Friendship bonuses

Alex at 80% - Gives you a discount at clothing stores for 24 hours.
Brucie at 90% - Flys his helicopter to you.
Carmen at 75% - Replenishes your health.
Dwayne at 60% - Ships you a car full of gangsters who will protect you.
Kiki at 75% - Clears your wanted level (when out of missions and under two stars).
Little Jacob at 60% - Ships you a car full of guns which you can purchase.
Packie at 75% - Makes you a car bomb.
Roman at 60% - Sends a taxi for you to drive throughout Liberty City.
Stevie - Complete all 30 of his vehicle thefts. The South Bohan garage will then give you more money for each vehicle that you deliver.