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Grand Theft Auto V Cheats ""Altruist Acolyte" trophy hint" (PS3)

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"Altruist Acolyte" trophy hint

Note: You may miss the "Altruist Acolyte" trophy if you deliver all people from random events to their target destination instead of the Altruist Cult. Only Trevor can deliver people to the Altruist Cult and it will not work with the other two characters. You will have several opportunities to get this trophy, which can be unlocked during any of the four random hitchhiker events. These events will sometimes show up as a blue dot on your mini-map when they are nearby. One hitchhiker is located on the street at the southern foot of Mount Chiliad. The random events do not always show up, but have fixed locations. If you can't find the hitchhiker, just drive in another direction for a quarter mile, and then go back to the location. Eventually the event will spawn if you keep doing this. Drive to the blue dot on the map and wait until the hitchhiker gets into your car. Instead of going to the target destination, drive to the Altruist Cult. It is marked with a big "A" on your map, on the west side of Mount Chiliad. This symbol will only show up once the hitchhiker is in the car. Deliver the person to the cannibals of the cult to get the "Altruist Acolyte" trophy and some money.

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