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Grand Theft Auto V Cheats "Infinite money from plane wreck" (PS3)

Game also available for:   PS4  |  XBOX ONE  |  XBOX 360  |  PC


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Infinite money from plane wreck **Updated 1 year ago**

Reach the waypoint indicated on the video by swimming or take a boat or jet ski. Before diving to the treasure box on the ocean floor, quick save the game in case you drown. There is a treasure box to the right of the sunken plane wing in this area that earns you $12,000 when collected. Grab the treasure box and swim back up to the surface. Save the game again and reload the saved game. The treasure box will have respawned. Repeat this process as many times as desired to get an infinite amount of money. Note: It may be hard to locate the treasure box at first. The closer you get to the treasure box, the more shiny and obvious it will become.

1 year ago

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