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Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock Cheats "Chapter Completion Bonuses" (PS3)

Game also available for:   XBOX 360  |  Wii


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Chapter Completion Bonuses

Complete the following chapters to unlock the corresponding bonuses:
Warrior Johnny Chapter completed Warrior Johnny and his band's outfits, more powers for Quickplay+, Johnny's Archaic guitar and bass, more Quickplay+ venues. 
Warrior Johnny's Chapter dominated Spirit Johnny, Spirit Johnny's Archaic Ghost guitar and bass. 
Warrior Echo Chapter completed Warrior Echo and her band's outfits, Star Power Generator+ Power, Echo's Cranked guitar and bass. 
Echo's Chapter dominated Spirit Echo, Spirit Echo's Cranked Ghost guitar and bass. 
Warrior Judy Chapter completed Warrior Judy and her band's outfits, Crowd Hyper+ Power, Judy's Hell Wing guitar and bass. 
Judy's Chapter dominated Spirit Judy, Spirit Judy's Hell Wing Ghost guitar and bass. 
Warrior Austin Chapter completed Warrior Austin and his band's outfits, Star Power Amplifier+, Power Austin's Trick or Treat guitar and bass. 
Austin's Chapter dominated Spirit Austin, Spirit Austin's Trick or Treat Ghost guitar and bass. 
Rush 2112 Chapter completed More Powers for Quickplay+, The Legendary guitar and bass, more Quickplay+ venues, the songs of 2112 for Quickplay+. 
Warrior Pandora Chapter completed Warrior Pandora and her band's outfits, Star Power Nova+ Power, Pandora's Cinder Blade guitar and bass, PRS Orianthi guitar and BC Rich Assassin ASM Zoltan guitar. 
Pandora's Chapter dominated Spirit Pandora, Spirit Pandora's Cinder Blade Ghost guitar and bass. 
Warrior Lars Chapter completed Warrior Lars and his band's outfits, Extended Multiplier+ Power, Lars' Battle Bringer guitar and bass, BC Rich Kerry King guitar. 
Lars' Chapter dominated Spirit Lars, Spirit Lars' Battle Bringer Ghost guitar and bass. 
Warrior Casey Chapter completed Warrior Casey and her band's outfits, Streak Guardian+ Power, Casey's McSwain Snake guitar and bass. 
Casey's Chapter dominated Spirit Casey, Spirit Casey's McSwain Snake Ghost guitar and bass. 
Warrior Axel Chapter completed Warrior Axel and his band's outfits, Resurrection+ Power, Axel's Sacryfyce guitar and bass. 
Axel's Chapter dominated Spirit Axel, Spirit Axel's Sacryfyce Ghost guitar and bass. 
Final Battle complete Demigod of Rock, The Beast Dethroned Quickplay+ venue, The Demigod's setlist, All-Powerful Power to Dominate other chapters. 
Demigod's Chapter dominated Demigod of Rock Spirit, The Legendary Ghost guitar and bass.

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