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Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock Cheats "Rank Bonuses" (PS3)

Game also available for:   XBOX 360  |  Wii


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Rank Bonuses

Reach the following ranks to unlock the corresponding bonuses:
Rank 2 Guitar: NSFT Glass 
Rank 3 Video Gallery: Neversoft Logos 
Rank 4 Wormhole 
Rank 5 Guitar: CBGB Guitar 
Rank 6 Art Gallery: Axel Steel 
Rank 7 Accessories: Angels Wings 
Rank 8 Guitar: NFST Resonator 
Rank 9 Art Gallery: Judy Nails 
Rank 10 Extra: Color Shuffle 
Rank 11 Bass: Music Man Stingray 
Rank 12 Art Gallery: Johnny Napalm 
Rank 13 Rocker: Eddie Knox 
Rank 14 Guitar: Ibanez ICT 
Rank 15 Art Gallery: Casey Lynch 
Rank 16 Accessories: Kat Babe & Simian 
Rank 17 Guitar: Daisy Rock Wildwood 
Rank 18 Art Gallery: Pandora 1 
Rank 19 Extra: Air Instruments 
Rank 20 Guitar: PRS 305 
Rank 21 Art Gallery: Pandora 2 
Rank 22 Drumsticks: Regal Tip Sticks 
Rank 23 Guitar: NSFT Tiki 
Rank 24 Art Gallery: Lars Umlat 
Rank 25 Cheat: All HOPOs 
Rank 26 Bass: NSFT Glass 
Rank 27 Art Gallery: Clive Winston 
Rank 28 Rocker: Izzy Sparks 
Rank 29 Guitar: BC Rich Eagle 
Rank 30 Art Gallery: Austin Tejas 
Rank 31 Drumsticks: Zildjian 5B Red 
Rank 32 Bass: Schecter Riot 
Rank 33 Art Gallery: Eddie Knox 
Rank 34 Accessories: Gas Mask 
Rank 35 Guitar: Music Man Luke 
Rank 36 Art Gallery: Echo Tesla 
Rank 37 Cheat: Note Shuffle 
Rank 38 Guitar: McSwain Nemesis 
Rank 39 Art Gallery: Izzy Sparks 
Rank 40 Venue: Hypersphere 
Rank 41 Guitar: ESP Phoenix 
Rank 42 Art Gallery: Midori 
Rank 43 Rocker: Clive Winston 
Rank 44 Guitar: BC Rich Mocking Bird 
Rank 45 Art Gallery: Quincy Styles 
Rank 46 Cheat: Mirror Mode 
Rank 47 Guitar: PRS Mira X 
Rank 48 Art Gallery: Demi/God of Rock 
Rank 49 Accessories: The Aviator & CPL Rawkette 
Rank 50 Guitar: Daisy Rock Stardust 
Rank 51 Art Gallery: Lou 
Rank 52 Extra: Invisible Rockers 
Rank 53 Guitar: McSwain M 
Rank 54 Art Gallery: Misc Characters 
Rank 55 Drumsticks: Zildjian Rock Black 
Rank 56 Bass: Ibanez BTB 
Rank 57 Art Gallery: Guitar Hero 3 Guitars 1 
Rank 58 Rocker: Minotaur 
Rank 59 Guitar: PRS Torero 
Rank 60 Art Gallery: Guitar Hero 3 Guitars 2 
Rank 61 Cheat: All taps 
Rank 62 Guitar: NSFT Casket 
Rank 63 Art Gallery: GHWOR Guitars 
Rank 64 Bass: NSFT Elephant 
Rank 65 Guitar: Schecter Synyster 
Rank 66 Video Gallery: BH/World Tour Lightshows 
Rank 67 Extra: HUD-Free Mode 
Rank 68 Guitar: Schecter Corsair Guitar 
Rank 69 Art Gallery: Guitar Hero 5 Lightshows Video 
Rank 70 Bass: Ibanez ICB 
Rank 71 Character: Arthas Menethil and Frostmourne 
Rank 72 Guitar: NSFT V-Twin 
Rank 73 Video Gallery: Guitar Hero Warriors Of Rock Lightshows 
Rank 74 Extra: Focus Mode 
Rank 75 Bass: NSFT Aristillus 
Rank 76 Art Gallery: Guitar Hero 3 Highways 1 
Rank 77 Accessories: Friedrich's Helm 
Rank 78 Guitar: PRS Swamp Ash Narrowfield 
Rank 79 Art Gallery: Guitar Hero 3 Highways 2 
Rank 80 Bass: NSFT Tiki 
Rank 81 Guitar: ESP NV 
Rank 82 Art Gallery: Guitar Hero World Tour Highways 1 
Rank 83 Accessories: Slimy 
Rank 84 Guitar: CBGB Custom Deluxe 
Rank 85 Art Gallery: Guitar Hero World Tour Highways 2 
Rank 86 Bass: Music Man Big Al 
Rank 87 Guitar: NSFT Acoustic 
Rank 88 Gallery: Guitar Hero 3 Venues 
Rank 89 Bass: Music Man Bongo 
Rank 90 Guitar: NSFT Banjo 
Rank 91 Art Gallery: Guitar Hero World Tour Venues 1 
Rank 92 Accessories: Clown & Chicken 
Rank 93 Guitar: BC Rich Bich 
Rank 94 Art Gallery: Guitar Hero World Tour Venues 2 
Rank 95 Accessories: Top Hat 
Rank 96 Bass: NSFT Smoke 
Rank 97 Art Gallery: Guitar Hero 5 Venues 1 
Rank 98 Accessories: Longhorn & Succubus 
Rank 99 Bass: NSFT Chainsaw Zombie 
Rank 100 Art Gallery: Guitar Hero 5 Venues 2 
Rank 101 Cheat: Performance Mode 
Rank 102 Bass: Sk8 Bass 
Rank 103 Accessories: Mr. and Mrs. Smuggypus 
Rank 104 Guitar: NSFT Sk8Brd 
Rank 105 Bass: Claude 
Rank 106 Art Gallery: Guitar Hero Warriors Of Rock Venues 
Rank 107 Bass: NSFT Casket 
Rank 108 Accessories: Neversoft Eyeball

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