Guitar Hero World Tour PS3 Cheats

Rating 2

Dimebag Darell custom character

Use the following customizations to create Dimebag Darell:

  • Head
Face - For the scaling make his face and jaw bigger and give him brown eyes. Facial Hair - Fine Goatee
  • Body
Skin Tone - Tan Proportions - The one close to the end, making him heavy in middle Tattoos - Anything that looks good on left or right arm Presence - Anything wild or really calm Hair - Curley Cue; Color - Darkest Orange
  • Outfit
Torso - No Sleeves Please; Color - Black Pants - Camo Whamo!; Color - Default Shoes - These Oh Things?; color - Default Accessories - Left Arm - Banded Bracer; Color - Black, Right Arm - Little Banded Bracer; Color - Black
  • Instrument
Cowboys From Hell Dean ML Guitar Body - Dearth Fader Finishes - The Forge Details - None Band Logo - None Fret Board - Ebony Inlays - Dots silver Headstock - Veejay Finish - Solid Black Details - Truss Cover Pickguard - None Pickups - Supersonic Black Knobs - Bellenders - Black Bridges - Whammy Bar:Black Strings - Your choice. Note - For other finishes Dime used, if you do not like the "cowboy from hell" look, change the body finish to - Boltz, Bookmatch color orange, Detail - Pinstripe - Black, Firestarter