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Hatsune Miku: Project Diva F PS3 Cheats

Game also available for:   VITA

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Trophy How To Unlock
Art Collection

Acquire all artwork.

Win at Rock-Paper-Scissors 3-0.
Good Morning

Stop the alarm clock item after using it.
Home Interview

Visit each DIVA room at least once.
I Began Editing

Create one Edit Data.
I love DIVA

Play as each character at least once.
It's Good!

Mark an Edit Data as your favorite.
Live Tour

Watch every Live Concert Mode performance.
This is Me

Create Your Profile (must fill out all sections).
Time to Eat

Use the kitchen timer for more than 3 minutes.
Welcome to DIVA!

Beat the tutorial.
A Place to Rest

Acquire every room theme.
Beautiful Furniture

Acquire all furniture.

Upload one Edit Data to PSN.
Hobby: Watch Videos

Watch every song's PV in Free Play mode.
If It's For You

Acquire all gift items (including birthday cakes).
Luka's Tea Buddy

Achieve max Friendship with Luka.
Meiko's Manager

Achieve max Friendship with Meiko.
Miku's Partner

Achieve max Friendship with Miku.
Rin's Playmate

Achieve max Friendship with Rin.
Shooting Star

Play the Credits mini-game after purchasing the arcade machine item for the DIVA room.

Clear Chance Time on all songs.
Expert Player

Clear all songs on Hard.
Memory Album

Get all DIVA Room events.
Module Collector

Collect every module.
Super Player

Clear all songs on Normal.
Trophy Master

Earn all Bronze, Silver, and Gold trophies.

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Unlockable Songs

Unlock the following songs by performing the corresponding task under the Easy or Normal difficulty settings:
ACUTE Complete "Time Machine".
Ashes to Ashes Complete "What Do You Mean!?".
Black?Rock Shooter Complete "Odds & Ends".
Continuing Dream Complete "Sadistic.Music?Factory".
DYE Complete "Secret Police".
Dream-Eating Monochrome Baku Complete "Tokyo Teddy Bear".
Fire?Flower Complete "Melancholic".
Freely Tomorrow Complete "Hm? Ah, Yes.".
Glasses Complete "Ashes to Ashes".
Hm? Ah, Yes. Complete "ACUTE".
Kagamine HachiHachi Flower Fight Complete "World's End Umbrella".
Monochrome?Blue Sky Complete "Remote Controller".
Negaposi*Continues Complete "Tengaku".
Nostalogic Complete "Glasses".
Nyanyanyanyanyanyanya! Complete "Kagamine HachiHachi Flower Fight".
Odds & Ends Complete "The MMORPG Addicts Anthem".
Remote Controller Complete "Urbandonment".
Rin-chan Now! Complete "Sweet Devil".
Sadistic.Music?Factory Complete "all other songs except Continuing Dream and songs tagged as "Extra"".
Senbonzakura Complete "Rin-chan Now!".
Stay With Me Complete "Summer Idol".
Summer Idol Complete "Weekender Girl".
Sweet Devil Complete "Dream-Eating Monochrome Baku".
Tengaku Complete "Nostalogic".
The MMORPG Addicts Anthem Complete "Monochrome?Blue Sky".
Time Machine Complete "Cat Food".
Tokyo Teddy Bear Complete "Tell Your World".
Unhappy Refrain Complete "World's End Dance Hall".
Urbandonment Complete "DYE".
What Do You Mean!? Complete "Fire?Flower".
World's End Dance Hall Complete "Freely Tomorrow".
World's End Umbrella Complete "Stay With Me". 

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Complete every song under the Normal difficulty, except for songs tagged as "Extra", to play a mini-game during the credits. Note: To view the credits again you must buy the Arcade machine at the shop then select it under the "Gadgets" section of the Diva Room.

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