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Loco Island Space items

You can find a random Pickory every hour. Get twenty Locorocos by purchasing clothing or furniture to get a big yellow MuiMui Hat. You can find between one and five nuts per day on your island. Note: Dance for Nyokki and he will give you a nut. There are six varieties of nuts, worth the corresponding amount of Pickories.

Dried Nut - 1 Pickory
Overripe Nut - 5 Pickories
Juicy - 20 Pickories
Ripe - 50 Pickories
Funky - 100 Pickories
MuiMui Fruit - 5 Pickories

You will be awarded 10 Pickories for every ten friends invited to your LocoIsland. Receive them by going to your board after every tenth invite. The same person can be invited after thirty minutes has elapsed after their last invite.

Guests on your island can talk to the MuiMui King and get a Locoroco-MuiMui ornament for themselves.

Island upgrades can be obtained by giving the following amount of Pickories to the MuiMui king. Get all island upgrades, to be awarded a MuiMui hat from the MuiMui King.

5 Pickories - Swing on the treehouse.
20 Pickories - Jukebox in the theater hut.
5 Pickories - Fishing MuiMui.
15 Pickories - MuiMui that sits on the bridge by the theater and a third jukebox song.
50 Pickories - Reversi game; rewards one Pickory when you win.
15 Pickories - MuiMui with a beach ball.
20 Pickories - Fourth jukebox song.
25 Pickories - Beach chair.
60 Pickories - Elevator that eliminates the need for the Chuppa Vase.
20 Pickories - MuiMui playing bongos near treehouse entrance.
25 Pickories - Fifth jukebox song.
50 Pickories - Hammock.
30 Pickories - Sixth jukebox song.
100 Pickories - Garden; must be watered daily to grow Pickory plants which fruit weekly.
25 Pickories - MuiMui with accordion on the log by the treehouse.
35 Pickories - Seventh jukebox song.
110 Pickories - Gazeebo platform with sitting mats in upper treehouse areas.
40 Pickories - Eighth jukebox song.
60 Pickories - Second swing and MuiMui.
30 Pickories - MuiMui with guitar near gazebo in the treehouse.
45 Pickories - Ninth jukebox song.
120 Pickories - Skycar on the zipline MuiMui use to move between treehouse and theater.
50 Pickories - Tenth jukebox song.
150 Pickories - Diving board from the gazebo.

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