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Home Cheats "Namco Museum Beta bonuses" (PS3)

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Namco Museum Beta bonuses

Createa PSN account and select Hong Kong as your country. Go into the PSstore and download Namco Museum Beta. Then, using your real locationinstall and play Namco Museum on the XrossMediaBar. Unlock the followingbonuses by performing the corresponding tasks:


Pooka Statue - Complete stage 2.
Dig-Dug T-Shirt - Get the carrot in stage 1.
Dig-Dug Hat - Get the turnip in stage 2.
Arcade Machine - Kill two monsters with the same rock.

Galaga T-Shirt - Complete stage 1.
Arcade Machine - Complete stage 2.
Shirt (Female) - Get a dual fighter.
Shoes (Female) - Have your ship captured, then destroy it.

Pac-Man T-Shirt - Eat a cherry.
Shorts (Female) - Eat a strawberry.
Tan Jacket - Complete level 2.
Arcade Machine - Eat all 4 ghosts with one power pellet.

Namco Shorts - Complete the first area.
Namco Stool - Complete the second area.
Xevious T-Shirt - Find the Sol Tower using a bomb.
Arcade Machine - Find the special flag, and retrieve it using a bomb.

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