House Of The Dead: Overkill Extended Cut, The PS3 Cheats

Rating 7

Dual Wield and Mini-Gun

Dual Wield is unlocked by completing Directors' Cut and the Mini-Gun by completing Story Mode.

Rating 4

Director's Cut

Complete Story Mode to unlock the longer Director's Cut stages, which have alternative paths that let you unlock the rest of the collectibles.

Rating 3


The crossbow is unlocked by completing all stages in Director's Cut. This weapon fires explosive quills. Like the mini-gun, the weapon is already fully upgraded when bought. Unlike other weapons, the shot from the weapon does not count towards the Combo bonus, only the explosion. Also, the explosion only affects bosses and zombies; it will not "hit" items you need to collect (cash, 3D models, concept art, sound tracks, etc.). To collect such items with the crossbow, your quill must strike the object itself.

Rating 2


Trophy How To Unlock
Papa's Palace of Pain
Complete 'Papa's Palace of Pain' in Story Mode.
Naked Terror
Complete 'Naked Terror' in Story Mode.
Ballistic Trauma
Complete 'Ballistic Trauma' in Story Mode.
Complete 'Carny' in Story Mode.
Creeping Flesh
Complete 'Creeping Flesh' in Story Mode.
Scream Train
Complete 'Scream Train' in Story Mode.
The Fetid Waters
Complete 'The Fetid Waters' in Story Mode.
Jailhouse Judgment
Complete 'Jailhouse Judgment' in Story Mode.
Complete all levels in Story Mode.
Achieve a Goregasm.
Weak At The Knees
Maintain a Goregasm for 2 minutes.
Collect 10 LPs.
Decom-Poster Child
Collect 15 posters.
Dis-Figurine Collection
Collect 15 figurines.
Graphic Horror
Collect 17 comic book pages.
Boom Headshot!
Decapitate 200 mutants.
Kill 5 or more mutants with one grenade.
Kill 100 mutants 'Gangster Style' (holding gun sideways).
Suffer Like G Did
Complete any level with only one health segment remaining.
Complete any level in Director's Cut without using any continues.
Merchant of Menace
Buy a new weapon.
Fully Loaded
Fully upgrade any weapon.
Power of the Mind
Complete any level with the targeting crosshair off.
I'll Try Anything Once
Play each minigame through to completion once.
Lights, Camera, Headshot!
Complete all levels in Director's Cut.
Caesar's Salad
Complete all CHALLENGES for 'Papa's Palace of Pain'.
Private Dance
Complete all CHALLENGES for 'Naked Terror'.
Doctors and Nurses
Complete all CHALLENGES for 'Ballistic Trauma'.
Clown Shoes
Complete all CHALLENGES for 'Carny'.
Meat Packer
Complete all CHALLENGES for 'Creeping Flesh'.
Bad Conductor
Complete all CHALLENGES for 'Scream Train'.
Swamp Monster
Complete all CHALLENGES for 'The Fetid Waters'.
Jail Bird
Complete all CHALLENGES for 'Jailhouse Judgment'.
Lab Rat
Complete all CHALLENGES for 'Overkill'.
Never Runs Dry
Complete a level without triggering an enforced reload (i.e. reaching zero bullets).
Be My Valentine, Jill
Unlock all unlockables and purchase all weapons.
Perfect Victory
Achieve an S rank for all levels in Story Mode or Director's Cut.
Do You Feel Lucky?
Complete all levels in Classic Mode without using any continues.
Extreme Hardcore
Complete all Director's Cut levels in Hardcore Mode.
The House of the Dead: Overlord
Earn all Bronze, Silver, and Gold trophies.