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InFamous 2 Cheats "Infamous 1 trophy data bonuses for Infamous 2" (PS3)


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Infamous 1 trophy data bonuses for Infamous 2

From the main title screen, players can select to import Trophy data from the original game that will grant access to in-game perks in Infamous 2:
Good or Evil Trophies from Infamous (not full good or full evil, just some) Start Infamous 2 at level 1 good Karma or level 1 evil Karma
Trophies indicating players collected 25% of the blast shards from Infamous Yields free energy cores in Infamous 2
Trophies indicating players collected 50% or more of the blast cores in Infamous Unlocks two free energy cores
Infamous 1 Completest Trophy Finished Infamous with any karma standing on any difficulty, unlocks 1000xp bonus for Infamous 2.

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