Kane & Lynch: Dead Men PS3 Cheats

Rating 2

Killing the dump truck driver

If you're having trouble killing the driver of the dump truck in the junk yard, simply shoot the pilot's cockpit with gunfire. Once the glass breaks, you automatically stop the truck. Do it quickly since the dump truck will automatically kill Jenny on its second pass.

Rating 1

Unlockable Characters in Fragile Alliance

Unlock the following characters in Fragile Alliance by reaching the corresponding ranks:

Kane Achieve rank 35.
Lynch Achieve rank 30.

Rating 0

Freedom Fighters easy win

When your about to proceed to El Capacito, have your men go to the statue in the center to take cover. Shoot down the helicopter using a few RPGs. If you run out of RPGs go back to where you had to shoot the APC vehicle to get more.

Rating 0

Alternate ending

After grabbing Jenny, Kane can move towards the helicopter or the village. Moving to the village will extend the game to its final chapter.