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Killzone 2 Cheats "Rank rewards" (PS3)


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Rank rewards

Unlock the following ranks and the corresponding bonus by earning the indicated amounts of points and getting the indicated difference scores:
Captain 1100 points, 300 difference, unlocks VC9 missile launcher.
Colonel 2300 points, 450 difference, unlocks saboteur badge.
Corporal 30 points, 30 difference, can create squad option.
General 2800 points, 500 difference, unlocks scout badge.
Lieutenant 880 points, 250 difference, unlocks engineer badge.
Lieutenant-Colonel 1850 points, 400 difference, unlocks grenade launcher.
Major 1450 points, 350 difference, unlocks tactician badge.
Master Sergean Master Sergeant: 350 points, 150 difference, unlocks the medic badge.
Sergeant 100 point, 70 difference, can create clan option.
Sergeant 1st Class 200 points, 100 difference, unlocks Shotgun and SMG.
Sergeant Major 550 points, 250 difference, unlocks HGH and ISA LMG.

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