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Killzone 2 Cheats "Unlockable Medals/Rewards" (PS3)


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Unlockable Medals/Rewards

Unlock the following medals by performing the corresponding tasks:
Aerial Supportive 8x air support specialist (unlocks combine tactician 2nd ability).
Army Superior Unit Award 50x clan matches Won with clan (unlocks 100,000 valor)
Assassins League 5x assassination kill specialist (unlocks increased points/assassination kills).
Black Belt 5x close combat specialist (unlocks increased points/melee kill).
Bodyguard Alliance 5x assassination defense specialist (unlocks increased points per survival).
Bomb Squad 5x search and destroy specialist (unlocks increased points/returns/disarms).
Corpse Counters 5x body count specialist (unlocks increased points/defensive kills).
Defense Initiative 5x capture and hold defense specialist (unlocks increased points/defensive kills).
Defensive Specialist 8x turret specialist (unlocks 2nd engineer ability).
Example Soldier 8x good conduct (unlocks increased start ammo amount).
Explosives Expert 8x C4 specialist (unlocks combine saboteur 2nd ability).
Field Mechanic 8x repair specialist (unlocks combine engineer 2nd ability).
Field Medic 8x healing specialist (unlocks combine medic 2nd ability).
Forward Observer 8x spot and mark specialist (unlocks combine scout 2nd ability).
Front Runner 8x boost specialist (unlocks combine assault 2nd ability).
Hawk's Eye 5x sniper specialist (unlocks second sniper zoom).
Head Fetish 5x headshot specialist (unlocks increased points/headshot).
Master of Disguise 8x disguise specialist (unlocks saboteur ability).
Meritorious Unit Award 10x clan matches won with clan (unlocks 1000 valor).
Meritorious Unit Award 25x clan matches won with clan (unlocks 10,000 valor).
Natural Born Killer 8x kill count (unlocks increased grenade amount).
Quick Draw 5x sidearm specialist (unlocks M4 revolver 2nd weapon).
Retrieval Corps 5x search and retrieve specialist (unlocks increased points/return).
Shadow Marshall 8x cloak specialist (unlocks 2nd scout ability).
Spawn Authority 8x spawn point specialist (unlocks 2nd tactician ability).
Trauma Surgeon 8x revival specialist (unlocks 2nd medic ability).

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