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Killzone 2 Cheats "Unlockable Ribbons" (PS3)


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Unlockable Ribbons

Unlock the following ribbons by performing the corresponding tasks:
Air Support Specialist 5 kills by air support called.
Assassination Defend Specialist Stayed alive as target.
Assassination Kill Specialist 1 assassination target killed.
Body Count Specialist 10 kills made during a mission.
Boost Specialist Peform 5 boosts.
C4 Specialist 5 kills by placed C4 explosives.
Capture and Hold Defend Specialist 10 mission points earned capturing a point.
Cloak Specialist Kill 5 enemies while cloaked.
Close Combat Specialist 10 kills by close combat melee.
Disguise Specialist Kill 5 enemies while disguised.
Good Conduct 0 Team kills/suicides are made by the player and they have scored at least 20 points.
Headshot Specialist 10 kills by headshots.
Healing Specialist Heal 5 players.
Repair Specialist Repair 5 objects.
Revival Specialist Revive 5 players.
Search and Destroy Specialist 2 objectives placed/disarmed.
Search and Retrieve Specialist 2 objectives returned.
Sidearm Specialist 10 kills by pistols.
Sniper Specialist 10 kills by sniper rifle.
Spawn Point Specialist 5 players spawn on placed area.
Spot and Mark Specialist Spot and mark 5 players.
Turret Specialist 5 kills by sentry turret placed.

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