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Killzone 3 Cheats ""From The Ashes" trophies" (PS3)


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"From The Ashes" trophies

Trophy How To Unlock
No Go For Launch

Deactivate missile launch - Deactivate the missile launch while plAying in Lente Missile Base.

Get killed by missiles - Get killed by the exhaust from the missile launch while playing in Lente Missile Base.
Bullet Spam

Kill with the Minigun pickup - Get 5 kills with the Minigun pickup in a single match while playing in Mobile Factory.

Kill a player with the Minigun - Kill any player that is using the Minigun pickup in Mobile factory.
Radec's Revenge

Kill the ISA - Kill 5 different ISA players in a single match while playing in Radec Academy.
Turn Back Time

VC9 Missile Launcher kill - Get a single VC9 Missile Launcher kill in Radec Academy.
Jetpack on Jetpack Action

Jetpack killer - While flying in mid-air, shoot down and kill another flying Jetpack player in Tharsis Depot.
Frequent Flyer

Fly for 60 seconds - With a Jetpack equipped, fly for 60 seconds or more in Tharsis Depot.

Hack turrets - As an Engineer, successfully hack 3 enemy turrets in a single match.
Tag. You're It.

Kill using the Recon ability - Kill 3 enemies within a single activation of the Recon ability while playing as a Tactician.
Cloak and Fragger

Kill Marksmen - While playing as a Marksman , kill 5 enemy Marksmen in a single match.
Taken From Behind

Brutal Melee from behind - Brutal Melee 3 enemy players from behind while disguised in a single match while playing as an Infiltrator.

Survive bleedout - With the Field Medic Triage ++ ability active, survive bleedout 5 times in a single match.

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