Lead And Gold: Gangs Of The Wild West PS3 Cheats

Rating 5


Trophy How To Unlock
Collect 8 sacks of gold in a Goldfever (COOP) match.
First Blood
Kill an enemy.
Beginner's Luck
Win a match.
A Doc on Holiday
Revive a gangmate.
Lewis and Clark
Play all release maps.
Revive 5 gangmates during a single game round.
Pack Mule
Be the player delivering the most sacks to base during a round. Repeat 3 times.
Fish in a Barrel
Kill 3 enemies with a single dynamite blast.
Kill 3 opponents within 12 seconds using fanning.
One Step Ahead
Kill 3 enemies caught in your traps during a game round.
Natural Born Leader
During a game round, gangmates kill 10 enemies tagged by you.
Force Multiplier
Win 100 Matches.