LEGO Harry Potter: Years 5-7 PS3 Cheats

Rating 6

Immobulus password

Enter "AAAAAA" as a password inside Weasleys' Joke Shop in Diagon Alley.

Rating 1


Trophy How To Unlock
Albus Percival Wulfric Brian
Complete 'Dark Times'.
Off the Beaten Track
Complete 'Dumbledore's Army'.
Attempt to Resist
Complete 'Focus!'.
Did Santa Eat That Cake?
Complete 'Kreacher Discomforts'.
Accordion to Grawp
Complete 'A Giant Virtuoso'.
He's Back!
Complete 'A Veiled Threat'.
Phoenix Rising
Complete Year 5.
Complete 'Out of Retirement'.
The Slug Club
Complete 'Just Desserts'.
Weasleys' Wizard Woes
Complete 'A Not So Merry Christmas'.
Complete 'Love Hurts'.
A Riddle Revealed
Complete 'Felix Felicis'.
Dumbledore's Demise
Complete 'Horcrux and the Hand'.
I am the Half-Blood Prince
Complete Year 6.
Cake or Death Eater?
Complete 'The Seven Harrys'.
A Wise Disguise
Complete 'Magic is Might'.
Shedding Skin
Complete 'In Grave Danger'.
Soul Searching
Complete 'Sword and Locket'.
The Tale of the Three Brothers
Complete 'Lovegood's Lunacy'.
Here Lies a Free Elf
Complete 'DOBBY!'.
To Be Continued
Complete Year 7.
'That's Unfortunate'
Complete 'The Thief's Downfall'.
Undesirable No. 1
Complete 'Back to School'.
You and Whose Army?
Complete 'Burning Bridges'.
Wit Beyond Measure...
Complete 'Fiendfyre Frenzy'.
Kick the Bucket
Complete 'Snape's Tears'.
Voldemort's Demise
Complete 'The Flaw in the Plan'.
All Was Well
Complete Year 8.
Stand still with no controller input for 5 minutes.
Weasley Does It
Use a Weasley box with every Weasley.
O Children
Complete the scene where Hermione and Harry dance in the tent.
Unlock all witch characters (Single Player Only).
Pyjama Drama
Unlock every pyjama character variant (Single Player Only).
A Dish Best Served Cold
Defeat Bellatrix with Neville (Waiter) in a duel.
Not 'Fun Guys'
Defeat 30 Red Caps.
Lighten Up
Use the Deluminator.
A Sirius Family Issue
Defeat Bellatrix as any Sirius Black character variant in a duel.
Collector's dream
Complete the Bonus Level.
Hogwarts has Changed
Visit the Hogwarts Foyer in Year 7.
Halfway There
Unlocked on hitting 50% game completion (Single Player Only).
Avid Reader
Use a Quibbler dispenser 25 times.
Lessons Learned
Complete all lessons (Single Player Only).
We are the D.A.
Unlock all of the members of Dumbledore's Army (Single Player Only).
What if?
Defeat every Harry freeplay variant as Lord Voldemort.
Tall Order
Unlock ALL of the Order of the Phoenix character variants (Single Player Only).
A Minifig's Best Friend
Unlock every character with a pet (Single Player Only).
Dark Times Ahead
Unlock every bad wizard (Single Player Only).
But... I Am The Chosen One
Complete the game to 100% (Single Player Only).
Knuts and Vaults
Collect 1 billion studs (Single Player Only).
10 Points to Gryffindor
Earn all Bronze, Silver, and Gold trophies.

Rating 0

Cheat Codes

Select the "Extras" option from the pause menu, then activate the following cheats by entering the corresponding codes:

Carrot Wands AUC8EH
Character Studs H27KGC
Character Token Detector HA79V8
Christmas T7PVVN
Collect Ghost Studs 2FLY6B
Extra Hearts J9U6Z9
Fall Rescue ZEX7MV
Fast Dig Z9BFAD
Gold Brick Detector 84QNQN
Hogwarts Crest Detector TTMC6D
Invincibility QQWC6B
Red Brick Detector 7AD7HE
Score x2 74YKR7
Score x6 XK9ANE
Score x8 HUFV2H
Score x10 H8X69Y
Super Strength BMEU6X