LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean: The Video Game PS3 Cheats

Rating 3

Character Codes

Enter the following codes in the Options section of the Main Menu to unlock the corresponding characters.

Ammand the Corsair ew8t6t
Angelica (Disguised) dlrr45
Angry Cannibal vgf32c
Blackbeard d3dw0d
Clanker zm37gt
Davy Jones 4djlkr
Govorner Weatherby Swann ld9454
Gunner y611wb
Hungry Cannibal 64bnhg
Jack Sparrow (Musical) vdjspw
Jimmy Legs 13glw5
King George rked43
Koehler rt093g
Mistress Ching gdetde
Phillip wev040
Quartermaster rx58hu
The Spaniard p861jo
Twigg kdlfkd

Rating 1

'Sea Turtles, Mate' trophy hint

This trophy requires that you ride on all seven of animals in the game. Find the following animals in the corresponding level/mode:

Donkey Port Royal / Story mode
Horse Tortuga / Story mode
Pig Tortuga / Story mode
Sea Turtle Smuggler's Den / Free Play mode
Snail Dutchman's Secret / Free Play mode
Goat Davy Jones' Locker / Story mode
Spider Fountain of Youth / Free Play mode

Rating 0

'Green Flash' trophy hint

The clock tower is found on the left side of the balcony above the tavern. Jack’s compass is required to find the key on the left. Place the key on the crank and turn it to raise the green bars along the side of the clock tower. Choose a female character and jump to the green bar. Swing and jump up to the next set of green bars and finally to a 3rd one where you will be able to pull yourself on a platform. This will unlock the “The Green Flash” trophy.