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Macross 30: Ginga o Tsunagu Utagoe PS3 Cheats

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Trophy How To Unlock
Ace Pilot

Clear the game on Normal difficulty (or higher).
Aisha's Already Satisified!

Develop additional equipment for all aircraft (other than DLC).
Beginning of the Story

Clear Chapter 1.
Birth of a New Songstress

Clear Chapter 6.
Devoted Songstress Fan

Use all of the support-skill songs.
Encounter Beyond Time & Space

Clear Chapter 2.
Endurance Player

Play the game for 30 hours.
Face the Ancients' Mystery

Find 50 pieces of Slate.
Infighting Attacker

Destroy 100 enemies with melee attacks.
Leon's Past, Memories of Mina

Clear Chapter 4.
Macross All-Stars

Unlock all characters.
Missile Breaker

Use AMS to shoot down 500 missiles.
Missile Fairy

Fire 20,000 missiles.
Parting of Ways

Clear Chapter 5.
Professor Valkyrie

Obtain 100 blueprints.
Sharon's Temptation

Clear Chapter 7.
Shutsugeki Love Heart

Sortie 100 times.
The 'I Want To Fly!' Sickness

Total travel distance exceeds 10,000km.
The New Heaven & Earth

Clear Chapter 3.
Titanium Task-Force Medal

Shoot down 1,500 enemy aircraft.
Top of Ouroboros' Charts

Obtain 500,000G.
Treasure Hunter

Visit all of the caves, ruins, bases and fields.
Variable Fighter

Transform 2,000 times.
Vega Black Cardholder

Spend 300,000G.
Yuruva Agahe!

Clear Chapter 8.
Aisha's Already Happy!

Develop all aircraft to Rank 3.
Headshot Master

Achieve 150 headshots.
Missile Bomber

Fire 50,000 missiles.
Ouroboros' Fastest Racer

Achieve gold record time in all of the Bankisshu races.
Roy Focker's Medal

Shoot down 3,000 enemy aircraft.
Solve the Ancients' Mystery

Find all 100 pieces of Slate.
Sortie Explosion

Sortie 200 times.
SSS-Rank Hunter

Clear all Hunter Guild quests.
The Strongest Leon

Attain maximum level with Leon Sakaki.
Top of the Galaxy's Charts

Obtain 100,000G.
Fully-Tuned Machines

Completely tune 10 aircraft.
SMS Elite Ouroboros Branch

Attain maximum level with 10 characters.
Ultimate Ace Pilot

Clear the game on Ultimate difficulty.
Who Will You Kiss?

View all of the ending.
Voices Across the Galaxy

Earn all Bronze, Silver, and Gold trophies.

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