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Madden NFL 07 Cheats "Better Corner Backs and Outside Linebackers" (PS3)

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Better Corner Backs and Outside Linebackers

Do the following if your corner backs drop easy picks or your outside line backers are too slow to make tackles. Go to Rosters and edit the position of some Wide Receivers to make them Corner Backs. For Safties,edit the position of some Safties to make them Outside Linebackers. By using this, your Corner Backs/Safties get many more interceptions, and your Outside Linebackers get more sacks, and tackles.

-Recommended players for position editing:

Wide Receiver to Corner Back
Steve Smith, Carolina Panthers
Randy Moss, Oakland Raiders
Plaxico Burress, New York Giants

Wide Receiver to Free Saftey
Hines Ward(Overall 99 FS), Pittsburg Steelers

Wide Receiver to Strong Saftey
Chad Johnson, Cincinnati Bengals

Strong Saftey to Outside Linebacker
Ed Reed, Baltimore Ravens
Roy Williams, Dallas Cowboys

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