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MAG Cheats "Unlockable Ribbons" (PS3)


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Unlockable Ribbons

Unlock the following ribbons at the end of the mission by performing the corresponding tasks:
AAA Demolition Destroy 3 AA batteries.
AAA Support Repair 3 AA batteries.
Armchair General Kill 30 enemies with the Bunker Turret.
Bomb Squad Disarm 5 explosives.
Bronze Field Engineer Repair 3 roadblocks.
Butterfingers Kill yourself 5 times.
Combat Assault Kill 30 enemies with an Assault Rifle.
Combat Fragger Kill 10 enemies with Grenades.
Combat Launcher Kill 5 enemies with a Rocket Launcher.
Combat Mechanic Repair 5 vehicles.
Combat Melee Kill 15 enemies with the knife.
Combat SMG Kill 30 enemies with a SMG.
Combat Shotgun Kill 30 enemies with a Shotgun.
Combat Sidearm Kill 30 enemies with a sidearm.
Combat Sniper Kill 30 enemies with a Sniper Rifle.
Gate Keeper Repair 3 gates.
Gold Field Engineer Repair 3 bunkers.
Golden Cross Resuscitate 15 teamates.
Grim Reaper 35 Kills.
Longshot Kill 3 enemies from at least 120m distance.
Marauder Plant 10 explosives.
Master Engineer Repair 250 units.
Miners Place 30 mines.
Mortor Demolition Destroy 3 mortor batteries.
Mortor Support Repair 3 mortor batteries.
Mr. Badwrench Destroy 5 vehicles.
Network Support Repair 3 sensor arrays.
Party Crasher Destroy 3 gates.
Purple Heart 30 Deaths.
Purple Sidekick 15 assisted kills.
Road Rage Run over 5 enemies.
Rocket Man Kill 5 enemies with the Turret Rocket.
Screaming Eagle Parachute 15 times.
Silver Bullet Kill 10 enemies via headshot.
Silver Cross Heal 250 units.
Silver Field Engineer Repair 3 bridges.
Total Blackout Destroy 3 sensor arrays.
Wrecking Crew Destroy 3 roadblocks.

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