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Trophy How To Unlock
Army of One

Have Kinna join your party.
I Feel...Drained...

Absorb the color from a power stone.

Use a Chroma-Skill for the first time.

Unlock the "Raise Dead" skill.
Artistic Merit

Extract Item attributes to a Scroll.
Good Job, Harry Winston!

Add a Gem to an Item.
Thoroughly Rune-ed

Equip a Rune for the first time.

Reach level ten.
The Road to Wellville

Obtain 100 Health Potions.

Kill 100 Kingdom Soldiers.
Monokeros Vastator

Kill 100 Unicorns.
Heretical Barbarian

Kill 100 Dragonmen.
Skeleton King

Kill 100 Skeletons.
I have become Death...AGAIN!

Kill 100 Undead.
Attack on Titans

Kill 100 Titans.
No Respecter of Persons

Kill 100 Shai Soldiers.
Let's Horse Around!

Have Usoph the Unicorn Elder join your cause.
A Titan-ic Accomplishment

Have the titan runemaster Vallos join your cause.
Tower of Power

Enter the Tower of the Gods.
Vengeance is MINE,!

Kill Purifier Brooks.
Zero Sum Escape

Kill Captian Rivers and complete the Dungeon map.
This Land is MY Land...!

Kill General Tiel and complete the Island map.

Complete Mines map.
Defender of the Kingdom

Complete Azure Cove map.
Protector of the Kingdom

Complete Desert map.
No Rest for the Wicked...or the Undead

Complete Burial Grounds map.

Reach level twenty.
Green with...ENVY?!

Max out the levels of all the Green Magic skills.
Blue Meanie

Max out the levels of all the Blue Magic skills.

Max out the levels of all the Red Magic skills.
Obsidian Plague

Kill 100 Obsidian Guard.

Reach level thirty.

Obtain 500 Items.

Kill 1000 Enemies.
I am the King of the World

Defeat the King.
The Queen is Dead

Defeat the Daemon Queen.

Earn all Bronze, Silver, and Gold trophies.

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