Major League Baseball 2K7 PS3 Cheats

Rating 2

Daisuke Matzusaka

Red Sox pitcher Daisuke Matzusaka did not want to have his name appear in the game. He is on the roster as Dennis Miles.

Rating 1

Cheat Codes

Activate the following cheats by entering the corresponding case-sensitive codes at "Main Menu" > "My 2K7" > "Enter Cheat Code".

All Bonuses Derek Jeter
All Cheats Black Sox
All Extras Game On
Boost Hitting of the Third, Fourth, and Fifth Hitters triplecrown
Boost Team's Power Rating for One Inning mightymick
Increase Home Run Ability m4murder
Mickey Mantle card themick
Pinch Hitter Mickey Mantle card phmantle

Rating 0

Cheaper players in Franchise mode

Release a high paid player to free agency. Then, offer them a new contract. Their asking price may be lower than what you were already paying them. Though sometimes it will be higher.