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Malicious Cheats "Trophies" (PS3)


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Trophy How To Unlock
Punitive Soldier

You've put down a power holder.
Story Completed

You've completed the story mode.
No Guard

You've cleared a scene without any guard.
Counter Master

You've succeeded in all of the counter actions.
Debut in Our Ranking

You've made a debut in our ranking.
10,000 Killed

You've killed 10,000 enemies in total.
100 Chained

You've achieved 100 chains.
No Restart

You've completed the story mode without using a continue feature.
All S Rank Completed

You've completed all scenes in story mode at S rank.
11 Kill Cleared

You've cleared this scene by defeating exclusively the power holder.
No Repair

You've completed the story mode without repairing the vessel of spirit. 

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