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Marvel Pinball Cheats ""Avengers Chronicles" trophies" (PS3)

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"Avengers Chronicles" trophies

Trophy How To Unlock
Silver Surfin'

Ride the surfboard with the Silver Surfer, and score a Surfer Award on Infinity Gauntlet.
Reaver of Souls

Trap the souls of the worlds and start the Half of the Universe mode on Infinity Gauntlet.
To Infinity

Beat Thanos, and possess the Infinity Gauntlet to rule the Infinity Gems on Infinity Gauntlet.
Enter Hulk's Arena

Enter Hulk's Arena on the World War Hulk table!
Hulk's Vengeance

Complete all the Main and Side missions on the World War Hulk table!
The Final Battle

Fend off the humans' military laser attack on the World War Hulk table!
Army of the Serpent

Collect all targets before the walker destroys them during Blitzkrieg USA on the Fear Itself table!
Avengers assemble!

Score a triple jackpot during Avengers' Multiball on the Fear Itself table!
Prophecy fulfilled

Beat all of the Worthy and Skadi to confront the Serpent on the Fear Itself table!
Back from the Dead

Perform a successful bang back with the Captain America ball. Perform a bang back by nudging the table at the right time as the ball heads down an outlane.
Just Like the Movie

Start all game modes with each Avenger character ball that correspond to the character whose game mode is being played.
Avengers Assembled

Assemble the Avengers and start the Wizard mode against Loki and his army.

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